Customising the exterior of an essentialShield hand sanitiser station enables your company, organisation, or sponsor to take advantage of the focused attention the sanitiser station will create. It will constantly promote and endorse the brand it displays every time it is used, looked at or passed by. This can also assist in generating additional advertising revenue for the operator, with the potential of making each station self-funding or even a profit returning asset. Your sanitiser station can be branded to fit in with your or the sponsors preferred graphics on specific areas of the machine and we do offer a low cost dedicated design service when you order your machine, on request.

“Better hand hygiene has massively reduced touch transmitted sickness’s and increased the confidence of all our valued personnel.”

 Paul Wardle
General Manager, Clipper Group

Our essentialShield Promoter hand sanitisation station comes with an in-built quality HD monitor which offers huge opportunities to harness guaranteed ‘eyes on’ advertising space. The monitor can be used to generate additional revenue from advertising endorsements potentially making the hand sanitisation station self-funding or even profit returning. Visitor information or internal messaging can also easily be uploaded with a few clicks by an operator at a single control hub situated anywhere, even off-site.

“Installing the essentialShield Robust non touch sanitiser enabled us to process staff and children thoroughly and quickly on entry and while moving around the school, simply brilliant!.”

Mark Jones
Business Manager, Hipperholme Grammar School

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