essentialShield™ Promoter

The strikingly desirable and well-proportioned essentialShield Promoter freestanding automatic hand sanitiser station features a high-quality HD 22” screen that can be accessed remotely by an operator who can instantly upload promotional advertising, internal messaging and/or company information with just a few clicks. The operator’s personal online dashboard displays each sanitising station’s status regarding solution levels information, maintenance alerts and has simple instructions on how to upload media messaging. 

Designed for high footfall locations or image conscious front of house environments, the essentialShield Promoter is perfect for entrance points where advertising messages can be fully exploited and impactful, such as, shopping malls, supermarkets, large office buildings, airports, public transport stations, entertainment venues, night clubs, sports stadiums, and concert halls. The possible installation of the essentialShield Promoter is almost endless and can improve hand hygiene and confidence in every setting and environment. 

  • 20-litre capacity, 105,000 dispenses.
  • Information regarding usage and sanitiser product levels data readily available from anywhere ‘via’ consumer personal dashboard.
  • Promotional marketing opportunities which can also be exploited to generate advertising income from third party endorsements.
  • Processes up to 25 users a minute.
  • 22″ HD screen
  • Recommended for large footfall locations.
  • Lockable solution storage. 
  • Refill alert indicator.
  • Coated with antimicrobial powder.
  • Multi-machine centrally operated from a single hub.
  • Two-year warranty. 

Promotional Genius

All our essentialShield machines can be completely transformed when branded to your specific requirements. Whether you are purchasing a single or multiple essentialShield machines the ending results can be astonishing. A customised sanitiser station that blends in with your décor, corporate colours, or brand guidelines, will seamlessly fit into any organisation’s unique environment. 

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Technical Data

The beautifully proportioned essentialShield Promoter is a high capacity 20 Litre sanitiser station which can dispense up to 105,000 doses and process up to 25 users a minute. It benefits from a 22” high-quality HD monitor which is perfect to enable single or multiple machines to display sponsored advertising, internal messaging, visitor information or corporate videos and other media content

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