essentialShield™ Robust

The essentialShield Robust automatic hand sanitiser station is designed for more industrious, manufacturing, warehousing or outdoor environments. This sturdy machine benefits from higher-grade stainless-steel casing which provides extra protection against accidental knocks and bumps. It can also be upgraded to include a temperature check and face recognition monitor which can even be programmed to authorise access for turnstiles or doors. The essentialShield Robust has a 131,250 (25lr) dispense capacity and can sanitise up to 25 users per minute. 

  • Efficient processing of up to 25 users a minute.
  • Recommended for large footfall locations.
  • Suitable for outdoor usage.
  • Thermoscan technology as an upgrade option.
  • Face recognition as an upgrade option.
  • Door access link available as an upgrade option.
  • Refill alert indicator.
  • Lockable solution storage. 
  • Coated with antimicrobial powder.
  • Multi-machine centrally operated from a single hub.
  • Two-year warranty.

Promotional Genius

All our essentialShield machines can be completely transformed when branded to your specific requirements. Whether you are purchasing a single or multiple essentialShield machines the ending results can be astonishing. A customised sanitiser station that blends in with your décor, corporate colours, or brand guidelines, will seamlessly fit into any organisation’s unique environment. 

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Technical Data

essentialShield Robust has been specifically designed to sit perfectly in agricultural, manufacturing, warehousing, large footfall, ‘shift’ work or outdoor event environments. Benefiting from a high-grade stainless-steel casing to add additional protection in more high intensity or people dependent work locations.

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