essentialShield Sanitiser Station Features

We have carefully considered and implemented the most appropriate features into our essentialShield range and used a commonsense approach to making sure our customers can maximize the benefits they can all provide. Whether that is by using our dedicated alcohol-free hand sanitiser which eliminates objections to using alcohol-based solution or the need to keep costs down while still maintaining the highest level of hand hygiene and protocols for staff, visitors and guests, all our models have been designed to fit seamlessly into the ever-changing world we now live in.


Our striking, easily visible, and efficient touch-free sanitiser stations are designed so that the user never has to make physical contact with any part of the machine, promoting confidence, while providing the maximum protection against the many hand transmitted infections, viruses and bacteria that are known to be transferred by touch including coronaviruses. All our essentialShield range of stations are proven to be instrumental in the prevention of hand transmitted pathogens. If anybody does make contact with a station you are safe in the knowledge that it is coated with an  antimicrobial  powder coating giving 99.99% protection against bacteria, viruses, biofilm, and mould over its entire lifetime.

Thermoscan Capability

The essentialShield with Thermoscan tablet benefit from automated mask identification and temperature check, in addition to those features they can also be programmed to perform face recognition and to authorise door ‘lock and open’ access. The essentialShield Midi and essentialShield Robust with tablet technology helps operators ensure all users comply with Covid-19 regulations by reiterating protocols like face covering, temperature checks and access verification into buildings if required. By instantly detecting a user’s temperature and identifying whether they are wearing their face covering correctly, thermoscan and mask recognition technology eliminates the need for internal personnel to monitor footfall and enables the operator to comply easily with local and national legislation. The multi-protective functions which are in-built into essentialShield with Thermoscan reduces the burden on personnel resources and ensures proper hand hygiene and other safety checks to all users that use the sanitiser station. All instructions and information can be performed by an administrator off site if required.

Safe Dosing For All

The unique twin ‘top and bottom’ jetting system is ergonomically designed to allow easy access for children and wheelchair users and benefits from ‘soft dosing’ technology which eliminates splashing and wastage. Our range of essentialShield sanitisation stations all benefit from our unique 360-degree jet dosing technology, which is unprecedented in sanitiser dispensing equipment. All our machines automatically dispense a precise and consistent quantity of solution every time. The ‘soft’ dispense ‘mist’ delivery eliminates splashing and costly waste of solution.

The high precision intelligence incorporated into all our range of machines ensures that all users receive the correct quantity of sanitiser directly onto their hands every time, guaranteeing maximum hygiene protection and helping to keep you and other people safe from hand transmitted pathogens.

This leading-edge technology provides precise doses of sanitiser with a minimal maintenance requirement. All machines come with simple refilling instructions, a machine trouble shooting guide and a simple service sheet to make sure your sanitiser machine always performs to its optimum. Our range of essentialShield sanitisation stations perform at a level that is currently unmatched by any other dispenser available today.

Sanitiser Solution

We have a choice of both alcohol and non-alcohol-based sanitiser solutions, providing an instant pathogen kill effect of up to 4 hours*. Both our solutions have been clinically tested to the highest UK standards. Depending on your specific health and safety or ethical requirements our machines are designed to dispense the most appropriate sanitiser solution for you.

*On non-alcohol-based solution

Thinking Environment

The majority of the essentialShield sanitiser station range are designed for mains power supply and don’t require batteries. On the few machine options designed specifically for areas where mains power is not available, all our machines are powered by rechargeable batteries and come with a spare and charger, removing the environmental impact of single use after-life battery disposal.

Transportation Kits

Operators looking for all the benefits our eShield range can offer have the option to relocate and move battery powered stations around their facility with ease. Choosing a rechargeable battery-powered option on selected models makes the stations ideal for busy manufacturing or warehouse floors, outdoor festivals, sporting venues and events.

Remote Access

The revolutionary essentialShield Promoter comes complete with Internet of Things (IoT) Wi-Fi capability, allowing operational managers to view live statistics and data across all essentialShield Promoter stations simultaneously. Each station can be managed separately or as a group across multiple sites through the operators personalised online dashboard. The freedom to manage essentialShield Promoter sanitiser stations from any location where there is Wi-Fi, enables the user to gather data or upload instructions to their stations instantly. The system can be configured to prompt when stations are running low of sanitiser fluid or are due for a simple service. This helps ensure that the operator can deploy maintenance staff efficiently to refill specific sanitiser stations only when it’s necessary. With IoT it means no station will ever need to run out of sanitiser fluid and up to date messages can always be displayed.

With the capability to instantly upload readily available messages and information across single or multiple stations, situated at different locations. Managers can make full use of the 22” high quality HD screen and upload sponsor advertising messages, important customer information or company offers and promotions direct via their dedicated online dashboard panel.

Touchless Technology

Once our essentialShield sanitising units have been installed and calibrated to dispense your optimum dosage delivery amount of sanitiser solution. The touchless technology will empower the machine to perform tirelessly, delivering precise dosage delivery without any need for the operator or user to touch the machine until it alerts you that it needs a refill*.

*On selected models.