eShield™ with Thermoscan

Employing the latest mask recognition and temperature checking technology, the brilliantly engineered eShield Midi and Robust when fitted with Thermoscan technology can be connected to doors or turnstiles, enabling controlled access admission to a building or outdoor function. It automatically ensures that users always comply with your sanitisation or temperature check protocol.

  • 10-litre to 25-litre capacity, 52,500 to 131,250 dispenses.
  • Information regarding usage and sanitiser product levels data readily available from anywhere ‘via’ consumer personal dashboard.
  • Thermoscan and mask recognition system.
  • Processes up to 25 users a minute.
  • Recommended for large footfall locations.
  • Lockable solution storage. 
  • Coated with antimicrobial powder.
  • Multi-machine centrally operated from a single hub.
  • Two-year warranty. 

Promotional Genius

All our eShield machines can be completely transformed when branded to your specific requirements. Whether you are purchasing a single or multiple eShield machines the ending results can be astonishing. A customised sanitiser station that blends in with your décor, corporate colours, or brand guidelines, will seamlessly fit into any organisation’s unique environment. 

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Technical Data

The slender and visually attractive eShield with Thermoscan has been sympathetically designed to be placed at entrance points for businesses and more formal locations that require the features it offers. Larger footfall public buildings, offices, or companies that are image conscious, have all chosen to install eShield with Thermoscan sanitise stations for the safety of their staff or visitors.

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