Your Account 

Log on to your account to access your personal dashboard, a unique hub that allows you to instantly connect to your installed base of dispensers across multiple sites.

Upload Media

Add and update media to be played on the  22” screen at any time, ensuring content such as visitor information and promotions remain current and relevant.

Statistics on Demand 

With a real-time graphical representation of the remaining level of product in your system along with data on the number of doses delivered and total running time, the dashboard provides a wealth of information that helps you to effectively manage sanitiser stock from one central hub.

Never Run Empty 

When the sanitiser tank drops below a pre-defined quantity, an alarm system notifies you ‘via’ your smart device, allowing you to arrange refilling with the greatest efficiency.

Total Control at your Fingertips 

Use live usage and level data to make fine adjustments to dosing quantity, allowing you to ensure your sanitiser supply does not run out before the next delivery arrives.