You can now lease our revolutionary non-touch essentialShield sanitisers from as little as 0.49p a day

Yes! that right.
Whether you want to reduce plastic sanitiser bottle waste, free up time spent monitoring or replenishing your stations with sanitiser fluid or just want to put in place the best hand hygiene process on the market to help keep your staff, visitors, and customers safe from the spread of touch point pathogens. Then essentialShield sanitisers are for you.
All essentialShield sanitiser stations leased include 10lr of solution delivered free of charge for each year of the contract. That equates to 52,500 free doses dispensed per station per year.
contact tel:01924939441 and one of our friendly customer advisers will be happy to help you decide which option best fits your needs!

essentialShield Range 2 Years 3 years 4 Years 5 Years
  £ per day £ per day £ per day £ per day
Midi with Thermoscan Technology 4.16 2.77 2.08 1.66
Mini 1.22 0.82 0.61 0.49
Midi 2.27 1.52 1.14 0.90
Robust 2.56 1.70 1.28 1.02
Robust with Thermoscan Technology 4.33 2.86 2.16 1.73
Promoter 3.80 2.54 1.90 1.52

Please note, these are for illustrative purposes only. Terms and conditions apply. Please contact our friendly customer service team for a quotation 01924939441.