Germs on hands

Good Hand Hygiene Should Be Forever Not Just For A Pandemic

It seems a long time since the COVID-19 pandemic first landed and the home hygiene sector met with unprecedented demand…

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clean and sanitised hands

Is Your Hand Sanitising Regime Cost Effective?

With offices, public buildings, socially communal areas and other people dependant environments tentatively return back…

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Hands holding graphical globe

Covid Is Here To Stay: Now Is A Good Time To Invest In Cost Effective Hand Sanitisation Protocol

As many people return to working in the office, face mask and social distancing restrictions are lifted in schools,…

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covid safety workplace

The 7 Simple Things Your Business Can Do To Improve Hand Hygiene

With people returning to the office and moving closer to normal working conditions, businesses are being warned to take…

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poor hand hygiene

A Hygiene Boom In The Post-COVID Commercial World

If you can face it, cast your mind back to March 2020 and the initial onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. When the mood…

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Non-touch hand sanitiser machine with twin jet delivery dispensing system

5 Benefits Of A Freestanding Hand Sanitiser Station

Hand hygiene procedures have become commonplace in many commercial sector organisations during the COVID-19 pandemic.…

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Hand Hygiene Could Be Key To Tackling Vaccine-Beating COVID Variants

A significant report published by the UK’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) claims it is “almost…

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hand sanitisation in schools

How Can We Improve Sanitisation in Schools?

Sanitisation in schools, and particularly hand hygiene, has been a big topic of conversation whilst COVID-19 lockdown…

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Non-touch hand sanitiser machine with temperature scanner

How To Check Staff Temperatures In The Workplace

With many businesses arranging a phased return to work after the lifting of restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic,…

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Germs on hands

With the World fast approaching 4 million deaths, WHO, condemns vaccine nationalism

With the World rapidly approaching another bleak milestone in the battle against Coronavirus, 4 million deaths…

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flu virus

Flu Fights Back In Battle Of The Viruses

Experts are claiming that flu could be back with a vengeance this winter and the old enemy is tipped to become a bigger…

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Touchless Technology

COVID-19 Vaccine Efficacy Is Not A Simple Case Of Yes Or No

Efficacy rates, variants and sub-variants; the COVID-19 vaccine situation is certainly getting more complex, at a time…

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