The food industry operates under very strict hygiene regulations which are under constant scrutiny. Naturally, individual organisations are subjected to regular inspections and are required to comply with various hygiene standards and to self-manage via internal procedures and checklists. This means that areas such as hand hygiene standards are critical and constantly under review.

Essential Hygiene have experience of working with various outlets within the food industry, such as cafes, restaurants, supermarkets and food processing plants, as well as any organisation where fresh food is stored, prepared and served, such as motorway services, department stores or workplace canteens. Our range of twin jet dosing, hands-free sanitisation stations showcases a new direction in hand sanitisation in restaurants and other food outlets, by creating options for effective and efficient hand sanitisation in all food environments.

Effective hand sanitisation and messaging from Essential Hygiene

Food outlets are fast-paced environments, particularly behind the scenes, but front-of-house you need to present a welcoming, safe and professional visage. This can be achieved using the essentialShield Promotor, which allows for the usual fine mist-spraying hand hygiene for all entering customers, but can also display effective branding on the unit body and welcome messaging on the 22” HD display screens.

In a food outlet, this messaging can be changed by the day and by the hour. You can use it as a simple welcome message, or it can display menus and special offers, you can also manage the screens remotely and centrally, to carry consistent and effective corporate messaging.

Hygiene standards in food outlets

Hand hygiene will always be important in food outlets, but a need for quick and convenient health monitoring has also increased in recent months. Our essentialShield with Thermoscan is a dual purpose hand sanitisation station, with a built-in capability to check temperatures through a simple, non-intrusive customer scan. You can set your own entry criteria based on body temperatures, whether people are wearing masks or whether people have sanitised their hands.

The essentialShield Thermoscan is a popular unit to sit at the reception area of food outlets to control who is able to enter the premises, as well as carrying out hand hygiene and carrying bespoke branding and messaging also.

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Food outlets must have robust and consistent procedures for hand hygiene and health monitoring, so our flexible and effective hand hygiene units are ideal for locating in key positions to help carry your messaging whilst also maintaining your hygiene procedures.

If you contact our sales team today you can benefit from our years of experience in working with various different food outlets and helping to maintain the high standards necessary across the food industry.

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    Our vision for the future of a post Covid-19 World is where illnesses, like common colds, sickness and flu along with many other nasty hand transmitted germs and diseases are dramatically reduced. Access to effective hand sanitisation is proven to reduce sickness and the spread of avoidable pathogens that somehow we just take for granted. Our range of eShield sanitiser stations provide extra reassurance to your workforce, customers, and visitors that their wellbeing is of paramount importance to you as an organisation and visibly promotes a responsible hygiene ethos.

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