If you manage a business or practice in the healthcare sector, you need to be right on top of your hand hygiene and health monitoring, so get in touch with Essential Hygiene today and get professional advice and the best hand sanitisation stations for the healthcare industry.

Managing healthcare hand sanitisation

Your healthcare business or practice could be a medical centre, GP surgery, hospice, pharmacy, private hospital or a dental practice. In all cases you need to manage the premises to be clinically clean at all times. Hygiene standards are paramount in the healthcare sector because of the nature of the work being undertaken, and also the fact that vulnerable people are frequently on the premises.

This means that you need to control access and exit points to ensure that hand hygiene is managed and the possibility of virus and infection transmission is reduced.

How Essential Hygiene can manage hand sanitisation in the healthcare sector

Our range of essentialShield hand sanitisers offer aesthetic design and the opportunity to adorn units with branding for internal use or for advertising revenue, but most importantly, our range offers robust but flexible hand hygiene at key locations.

The essentialShield with Thermoscan can provide quick and effective soft mist hand sanitisation, along with a temperature check and face mask recognition. You can set your own entry criteria and ensure that visitors comply. You can also position the essentialShield Mini or essentialShield Robust – smaller and more mobile units – at strategic internal locations such as outside lifts or at the top of stairs to new floors, to ensure that standards are maintained throughout the building.

Members of the public visiting healthcare premises are usually of low footfall, so you don’t need the efficient rapid testing capabilities of the eShield units, but you do need consistent and comprehensive hand hygiene, and the 360 degree hand coverage of the Essential Hygiene units provides this over a long term period.

Contact Essential Hygiene for your healthcare hand hygiene

If you get in touch with our sales experts today, we can start the process of assessing your premises and operations, then recommend which essentialShield units would be most effective. You can be assured of a thorough and professional service, and that the outcome will mean you are supplied with a hand hygiene and health monitoring system that ensures your compliance with your hand hygiene procedures and responsibilities.

Contact Essential Hygiene today and we can deliver professional and comprehensive hand hygiene to your healthcare operation.

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    Our vision for the future of a post Covid-19 World is where illnesses, like common colds, sickness and flu along with many other nasty hand transmitted germs and diseases are dramatically reduced. Access to effective hand sanitisation is proven to reduce sickness and the spread of avoidable pathogens that somehow we just take for granted. Our range of eShield sanitiser stations provide extra reassurance to your workforce, customers, and visitors that their wellbeing is of paramount importance to you as an organisation and visibly promotes a responsible hygiene ethos.

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