In terms of hand hygiene controls, public buildings are challenging environments to manage, because you are not just ensuring the health of employees, but also members of the public. Hence, you can’t control or keep a record of who is on site at any one time, visitors come and go and you have to have a robust system in place to ensure hand sanitisation as best you can.

Public buildings include galleries, museums, the town hall, council offices, libraries and courts, amongst others. All these municipal organisations will have a high footfall of public visitors as well as their own staff, so ensuring a good standard of hand hygiene in public buildings is an important factor in implementing an effective health and safety system.

Hand hygiene in public buildings

At Essential Hygiene, our full range of twin jet dosing hand sanitisation units offer various benefits to suit different working environments. In terms of public buildings, you may wish to implement an entry criteria based on temperature checks as well as hand sanitisation. Our essentialShield with Thermoscan unit is perfect for this and can be set-up and remotely managed to provide a professional and effective entry system, which can also be uniquely branded with your messaging.

Our essentialShield Promoter is also ideal as a dual purpose unit which can carry out effective hand hygiene on entry to the building, and can also be used as a marketing tool in a position of high traffic and passing footfall. The 22” HD screen can be remotely programmed and controlled to carry marketing messages and public information as well as carrying branding and advertising as necessary.

Flexible hand sanitisation solutions for public buildings

Public buildings are usually older, traditional buildings with several different floors, rooms and entry points. Our essentialShield Mini and essentialShield Robust systems are smaller hand sanitisation units able to be moved and located in strategic points throughout the building, to maintain hand hygiene as people move around rooms and floors. This is important in ensuring staff and visitors remain sanitised and to guard against possible transmission within the building. These units can also still carry the same bespoke branding and messaging as other units.

Hand sanitisation in public buildings with Essential Hygiene

Contact our sales team today to discuss your requirements for a professional and effective hand sanitisation system to control hand hygiene in your public buildings. We understand the nature of public buildings and the inherent risk of high footfall, so get in touch today and we can design a suitable solution enabling you to implement strong hand hygiene procedures.

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    Our vision for the future of a post Covid-19 World is where illnesses, like common colds, sickness and flu along with many other nasty hand transmitted germs and diseases are dramatically reduced. Access to effective hand sanitisation is proven to reduce sickness and the spread of avoidable pathogens that somehow we just take for granted. Our range of eShield sanitiser stations provide extra reassurance to your workforce, customers, and visitors that their wellbeing is of paramount importance to you as an organisation and visibly promotes a responsible hygiene ethos.

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