Welcoming visitors and supporters to your venue while keeping them safe and feeling secure, must be any responsible organisations number one priority. That means having an efficient and effective hand hygiene process is essential in the fight to reduce hand touch pathogens. Our range of hand sanitisation stations are the perfect solution to provide you with cost-effective, long-term hand hygiene protocol for all who visit your venue.

At Essential Hygiene we understand that incorporating a hand hygiene process which is non touch, simple to use and hassle free is vital in providing the confidence and safety your supporters and visitors demand.

Hand sanitisation at sporting venues

Granting entry to a sporting venue can be costly and difficult to manage. People arrive on mass in time for Kick-Off and need to be processed quickly and safely. Where health monitoring is critical, this means you need a fast and reliable process to ensure hand hygiene is as good as it possibly can be without compromising your visitor’s experience.

Our essentialShield with Thermoscan sanitiser station is proven as an effective device that gives an instant temperature reading while providing touch free hand sanitisation, enables hassle free entry into your venue. You can set your own entry criteria as the Thermoscan tablet has multiple features and settings to suit your specific entry requirements.

Our essentialShield Promoter is designed for use at large footfall events where lots of visitors or supporters can be expected. It has a dosing dispense capacity to deliver up to 131,250 doses of solution on just 25lr of solution and can process up to 25 people per minute. This is perfect when you have a constant stream of visitors entering your venue. Furthermore, the essentialShield Promoter can display advertising or important messages all from one central hub via its internet of things display dashboard. This has real revenue creating potential for the upload of sponsors messages.

Managing hand hygiene at sporting events

Many sporting venues are outside, but the close proximity of spectators and how they walk about and interact in corridors, concourses, toilets, and refreshment areas mean that transmission of hand touch pathogens needs to be kept to a minimum. Hand hygiene on entry or at key touch point areas is therefore essential. By strategically positioning the essentialShield Mini or essentialShield Robust stations at key areas around your venue can help mitigate pathogen transfer in busy areas around your venue.

Let Essential Hygiene help you implement a long term, cost effective hand hygiene process for your fans and visitors.

Our range of essentialShield sanitiser stations are a cost effective and efficient solution for all sporting venues whatever the size of the club or venue. Please contact one of our friendly customer service advisors and find out how you can install a long-term cost-effective solution to your specific hand hygiene protocol.

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    Our vision for the future of a post Covid-19 World is where illnesses, like common colds, sickness and flu along with many other nasty hand transmitted germs and diseases are dramatically reduced. Access to effective hand sanitisation is proven to reduce sickness and the spread of avoidable pathogens that somehow we just take for granted. Our range of eShield sanitiser stations provide extra reassurance to your workforce, customers, and visitors that their wellbeing is of paramount importance to you as an organisation and visibly promotes a responsible hygiene ethos.

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