In today’s society the role of the supermarket is crucial. It serves our needs for convenience and availability to support a fast-paced lifestyle whether it is a local mini-market, in a retail park in the suburbs or an out-of-town flagship “hyper”market. In all cases, the common denominator is creating a welcoming, safe and clean environment for shoppers, and hand hygiene has a huge role to play in that.

How a supermarket chain approaches hand hygiene can also reflect its standards in food safety and food hygiene. This is a closely-managed sector in that respect and so a supermarket cannot afford to have poor or inconsistent standards in hand hygiene, and hence the full range of Essential Hygiene hand sanitisation products can be incorporated into a supermarket’s hygiene procedures.

Using hand hygiene for healthy messaging

The entrance hall of a supermarket can provide the largest footfall of any environment in the local community. Not only is this therefore a breeding ground for the transmission of bacteria and viruses, it is also an area exposed to messaging and advertising potential. With this in mind, the essentialShield Promotor is the essential tool for combining strong health procedures with effective branding and marketing.

Using the essentialShield Promotor in your entrance area can provide effective supermarket hand hygiene, but our sleek and aesthetic hand hygiene units can also carry branding and messaging. There is also a 12” HD screen which can be programmed and controlled remotely. This can carry corporate or local advertising, but can also carry welcome messages, information on special offers and important customer information. This unit also acts as a large-scale hand sanitiser station for your supermarket and can dispense up to 131,250 doses and process up to 25 users a minute. This means the essentialShield Promotor can be set-up as the essential, hassle-free but extremely effective access point control for your supermarket hand hygiene.

Dual purpose hand hygiene from Essential Hygiene

Combining effective messaging with your essential hand hygiene provides a high standard of welcome procedure which leaves a strong immediate impression with your customer base. Our dual purpose hand sanitiser stations show that you are in tune with your market and able to respond effectively with your messaging.

You can also position the essentialShield Mini or essentialShield Robust hand sanitiser stations in areas where food is being prepared (café, delicatessen, butchers or fishmonger sections) or at mid-points throughout the store, where shoppers can refresh their hand sanitisation after potentially handling several products or storage items such as freezer units, shelving and fresh fruit baskets.

Essential Hygiene for your supermarket hand sanitisation

Supermarkets are fast-paced consumer environments, which need to be maintained as efficient whilst also being safe and hygienic food outlets. The flexible and interactive units designed and supplied by Essential Hygiene can be applied to your supermarket, regardless of its size, footfall or location. So contact our sales team today and we can help you select the best combination of units to maintain high standards of hand sanitisation in your supermarket.

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    Our vision for the future of a post Covid-19 World is where illnesses, like common colds, sickness and flu along with many other nasty hand transmitted germs and diseases are dramatically reduced. Access to effective hand sanitisation is proven to reduce sickness and the spread of avoidable pathogens that somehow we just take for granted. Our range of eShield sanitiser stations provide extra reassurance to your workforce, customers, and visitors that their wellbeing is of paramount importance to you as an organisation and visibly promotes a responsible hygiene ethos.

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