Social Media Policy

As a company we understand the importance of the use of IT and social media both for company and individual use. However, these systems must always be used and monitored responsibly by all employees. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that social media is used in a correct and responsible manner, with the best interests of the company in mind.

Any breach of this policy can lead to disciplinary action being taken, up to and including termination of your employment.

For the purpose of this policy, social media relates to all communications made through the internet including, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, blogs and Wikis. Any internet communications must be used in the best interests of the company.

Company Use

The company may decide at times to promote its activities through the use of social media and internet communications. Any employee doing this on behalf of the company must do so in a professional conduct. The following rules for using social media on behalf of the company apply:

  • As with emails, all communications should follow the same standard as would be expected in all written communication with the company;
  • Only authorised spokespersons must post information on behalf of the company;
  • Employees responsible for using social media for the company must not use it for their own personal purposes (see ‘personal use’);
  • Employees must not discuss or disclose proprietary or confidential information of the company on any social media sites;
  • Any negative communication by other parties or employees that may damage the company must be dealt with accordingly, and if possible, removed;

Personal Use

Although social media can be used to promote the business, employees must not use social media sites for their own private use in working hours. Employees are responsible for what they use social media for both at work and off duty. As with email, the company reserves the right to monitor all social media usage that it has access to.

Any posting that violates any company policies or is otherwise seen as inappropriate may be removed or modified at the company’s sole discretion.

Any communications made with other employees through social media outside of working hours must still be done so with the best interests of the company in mind. If you are posting information or photographs of other employees outside of working hours, you should still seek their permission to post these before doing so.

If creating blog posts that mention the company, the employee should voice their opinions with integrity and state that these are individual views that may not necessarily reflect company views.

This policy is to be treated in conjunction with the other company’s policies, including code of conduct and disciplinary policies. If you are unsure as to what could be deemed inappropriate in terms of social media use, please contact your manager for further information.

All terms contained within this policy are to remain relevant to you, post-employment, if you make any reference to the company, derogatory or otherwise that causes any detriment to the company or its clients, we will look to recover any potential damages and/or losses incurred.

Due to the constantly developing state of internet communications and technology, this policy is subject to change, and as such should be reviewed often by all employee