Essential Healthcare Solutions has always been fully committed, and now more than ever to reducing climate transition. By supplying products and services that have reduced or zero impact on the environment, we as a medical equipment and service provider only develop sustainability-linked solutions that have reduced carbon footprint attributes. We use cutting edge technology to produce, distribute and supply all our products and services which have as little impact on the environment as possible. Our organisation is constantly innovating and expanding our sustainable credentials to help our customers accelerate theirs.

By being conscious of the decisions we make and the awareness we instil in our workforce, not only reduces’ our own carbon footprint but helps to educate our suppliers and staff in reducing their carbon footprint also. We strive to build demand for more climate ‘plus’ policies, practices, and products throughout every stage of our development.


Identifying the importance of encouraging good environmental practice across our systems and processes, we have set in motion a number of improvements designed to reduce our environmental responsibilities. We have already invested heavily in sustainable practices within our ‘State of the Art’ sanitisation and decontamination plant. Our dedicated ‘Decon Centre’ was designed in line with accredited environmental standards, and successfully focused on waste streaming to reduce waste to landfill. The objective is always to go above and beyond accepted industry ISO14001 standards.

The company’s philosophy on reducing our carbon footprint concentrates on contracting local procurement wherever possible, reducing road transportation with ‘Gold Standard’ accreditation and carbon offset policies. We have acquired a fleet of electric vehicles with onsite plug-in stations. Encouraging the use of hybrids for travel to and from work via lift sharing and sustainability training for all our staff are just some of the many initiatives we have introduced.