Warranty Policy

 Limited Warranties

    • All e-Shield machines supplied by Essential Healthcare Solutions are warranted to be free from defects in material workmanship from the date of delivery or sale to the original purchaser for a period of 2 years unless a different period is specified.
    • All spare parts supplied by Essential Healthcare Solutions and purchased by the end user are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship from date of delivery or sale for a period of 6 months. All parts warranty claims must be supported by a copy of failed part invoice to the end user. We cannot consider claims for which sales invoices are not available.
    • The warranty offered by Essential Healthcare Solutions is limited to the making good by repair or replacement for the purchaser any part or parts found, upon examination at its manufacturer, to be defective under normal use and service due to defects in material or workmanship. Returned parts must be complete and unexamined.
    • This warranty does not extend to any product from which Essential Healthcare Solution or Essential Hygiene Solution’s serial number plate or sticker has been removed or altered.
    • The warranty policy is valid for machines registered in line with the terms and conditions detailed and on the basis that the machines do not extend a period of 24 months or greater since their original purchase date, that is the original date from Essential Healthcare Solutions. Machines that are held in stock for more than 24 months cannot be registered for warranty.
    • This warranty does not apply to any part of the goods, which has been subjected to improper or abnormal use, negligence, alteration, modification, fitment of non-genuine parts, accident damage, or damage resulting from contact with overhead powerlines, damage caused by foreign objects (e.g. stones, iron, material other than prescribed sanitiser solution), failure due to lack of maintenance, use of incorrect sanitiser solution, contamination of jetting system or nozzles, batteries not charged correctly to manufacturing specification, or has served its normal life.
    • Temporary repairs and consequential loss – i.e., lack of sanitiser solution, downtime and associated parts are excluded from the warranty.
    • Warranty on hoses is limited to 12 months and does not include hoses that have suffered external damage. Any hoses cut or repaired will not be covered by the warranty.
    • Machines must be reported and repaired immediately or as soon as a qualified engineer can attend. Continued use of the machine after a problem has been reported or occurred can result in further component failures, for which Essential Healthcare Solutions cannot be held responsible, and may incur safety hazards and implications.
    • If in exceptional circumstances a non-Essential Hygiene part is used to affect a repair or non-Essential Healthcare Solutions sanitisation solution is used to re-fill the machines solution container, the machine will not be covered by the warranty.
    • Except as provided herein, no employee, agent, dealer, third party, or other person is authorised to give warranties of any periods on behalf of Essential Healthcare Solutions.
    • For machine warranty periods in excess of 12 months the following additional exclusions shall apply:  Hoses, transport kits, rubber mountings, seals, external cables, corded connections, LED’s, light units, rubber mountings.
    • All service work must be carried out by a qualified Essential Healthcare Solutions engineer in accordance with any service level agreement. Evidence of any service or maintenance work carried out by unauthorised personnel or without specific guidance from Essential Healthcare Solutions Customer Support. Failure to comply will invalidate the warranty. In the event of a claim, proof or evidence of unauthorised service work will invalidate the warranty.
    • Warranty cover will be invalid if any non-genuine parts or non-prescribed sanitiser solutions have been used. Use of non-genuine parts may seriously affect the machine’s performance and safety. Essential Healthcare Solutions cannot be held responsible for any failures or safety implications that arise due to the use of non-genuine parts and solutions.

Remedies and Procedures

      • The warranty is not effective unless purchaser or selling dealer registers the machine with Essential Healthcare Solutions by completing the confirmation of delivery note.
      • Any faults must be reported to an authorised Essential Hygiene or Essential Healthcare Solutions representative as soon as it occurs. Continued use of the machine, after a fault has occurred, can result in further component failure, or lead to safety hazards which Essential Healthcare Solutions cannot be held liable.
      • Repairs should be undertaken subject to contracted maintenance agreement. Claims submitted for repairs undertaken more than two weeks after a failure has occurred, or 2 days after the failure occurred will be rejected, unless the delay has been authorised by an Essential Healthcare Solutions representative. Please note that failure by a customer to authorise access to repair a machine will not be accepted as a reason for delay to repair or submitting a warranty claim.
      • All claims must be submitted, by an authorised customer representative, within 30 days of the date of repair.
      • Following examination of the parts, Essential Healthcare Solutions will pay, at their discretion, for any valid claim the invoice cost of any parts supplied by Essential Healthcare Solutions and appropriate labour and mileage allowance applicable.
      • The submission of a claim is not a guarantee of payment.
      • Any decision reached by Essential Healthcare Solutions is final.

Limitation of Liability

    • Essential Healthcare Solutions disclaims any express (except as set forth herein) and implied warranties with respect to the goods including, but not limited to, merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.
    • Essential healthcare Solutions makes no warranty as to the design, capability, or suitability for use of the goods.
    • Except as provided herein, Essential Healthcare Solutions shall have no liability to the purchaser or any other person or entity with respect to any liability, loss, or damage caused or alleged to be caused to be directly or indirectly by the goods including, but not limited to, any indirect, special, consequential, or incidental damages resulting from the use or operation of the goods or breach of this warranty. Notwithstanding the above limitations and warranties, the manufacturer’s liability hereunder for damages incurred by the purchaser or others shall not exceed the price of goods.
    • No action arising out of any claimed breach of this warranty or transactions under this warranty may be brought more than two (2) years after the cause of the action has occurred.


    • Essential Healthcare Solutions may waive compliance with any of the terms of this limited warranty, but no waiver of any terms shall be deemed to be a waiver of any other term.
    • If any provision of this limited warranty shall violate any applicable law and is held unenforceable, then the invalidity of such provision shall not invalidate any other provisions herein.
    • Additional law may provide rights and benefits to the purchaser in addition to those provided herein.

Registration of a demonstration machine.

    • All demonstration machines must be registered as ‘demonstration machines’ whether they are a dealer/distributor or owned by Essential Healthcare Solutions.
    • The date of retail delivery or installation of demonstration machines cannot be post-dated. The warranty period will be calculated from the date of delivery advised to Essential Healthcare Solutions through our official customer services. The date of delivery cannot be altered without full justification in writing.
    • Demonstration machines will be limited to a maximum of 2 units per customer.
    • The following are full details of warranty registration qualifications.
  • All demonstration machines may qualify for up to an extra 3-month warranty (Essential Healthcare Solutions owned machines)
  • Machines should be registered with Essential Healthcare Solutions customer services at point of first demonstration period.
  • Warranty available when retailed with standard warranty period plus 6 months, minus the demonstration period. No retail extension beyond warranty period.
  • Should the machine remain as a demonstration unit beyond the standard warranty period, warranty will be considered to expire at the end of standard warranty period. Example

Example Machine (Machine with standard 24-month warranty

  • Retail Sale takes place at month 5 warranty becomes 24 months
  • Retail sale takes place at month7. Retail warranty becomes (24 minus 7 = 17 months
    • Retail sale takes place at month 13. Retail Warranty becomes (24 minus 13 = 11 months
    • Retail sale takes place at month 25. Retail warranty becomes zero.

Retail Warranty will not exceed a 24-month period under any circumstances.

Claims Procedure

    • Full information relating to the failure must be reported to Essential Healthcare Solutions customer services and reported as a warranty claim.
    • Essential Healthcare Solutions requires any dealer/distributor to retain any replaced parts and return them to Essential Healthcare Solutions head office for possible inspection. DO NOT RETURN PARTS WITHOUT FORMAL NOTIFICATION. When requested, additional information or failed parts must be received by Essential Healthcare Solutions WITHIN 14 DAYS if not picked up by an authorised Essential Healthcare Solutions engineer at time of repair. Essential Healthcare Solutions reserves the right to reject or offer reduced settlement on claims where parts are returned without being clearly labelled with a claim number and/or without a copy of the claim form attached. If parts are returned and your claim is subsequently rejected, and you require the parts sent back to yourselves please notify Essential Hygiene customer services within 7 days of receiving the rejection notification.
    • You are reminded that all replacement warranty material remains the property of Essential Healthcare Solutions and must be retained for 180 days, following which must be physically rendered unusable then scrapped and not sold, reworked, or reconditioned for retailing to any third party, or supplied to any re-manufacturing company.
    • When the above time scales are not adhered to Essential healthcare Solutions reserves the right to reduce the value or reject the claim.
    • No request to reassess or investigate a warranty claim previously validly submitted and processed by Essential Healthcare Solutions after a period of 24 months from the date of failure shall be accepted.
    • Not to submit to Essential Healthcare Solutions fraudulent or intentionally misleading claims, and if such claims are submitted Essential Healthcare Solutions will the reasonable costs of investigating such claims and an appropriate reasonable hourly charge rate.

Damage to new machines

    • All goods must be examined on receipt, please examine all machine packages, if there is any damage or short shipment sign ‘damaged’ or ‘Detail’ any item not received and notify to Essential Healthcare Solutions customer services by phone or email and the installation engineer within 24 hours of any damage or missing parts. No claims will be accepted after this time.


    • All Claims will be settled within 30 days of acceptance of the claim.